The Thing About Maryland….

This post is a continuation on reports of our recent vacation through West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, and Tennessee. As mentioned a few posts ago Maryland was generally not quite what I expected after reading the book “A Journey Through Hallowed Ground” by David Edwin Lillard. The book centered around a trip down US 15 from Gettysburg to Monticello. From the book’s description I was prepared to see a number of small towns  gushing with history along this Maryland route.By just looking at a larger area map I should have been prepared for what we encountered but I guess the dreamer in my just wanted to ignore that possibility. In reality what we generally found was urban sprawl! Since this part of Maryland lays adjacent to Washington DC this condition was, in reality, to be expected.

There was one very notable exception to this disappointment and that was Waterton MD. It was everything it was cited to be.  There were not franchises, no trinkety stores, no urban sprawl.  Instead it was almost as if we had somehow entered a time machine and gone back one hundred years. As evidenced by these photos the town was absolutely beautiful.

We spent a couple of days in Maryland and visited some of the mentioned antique shops along the route. Generally speaking the prices were on the very high-end of what we usually encounter. But given that the DC folks are the primary customers I guess that should have been expected.

Next time I will start our journey through Virginia. It was everything I expected and even some more.

And the journey goes on….