Monticello VA – April 2011

Since I put the traditional pictures of Monticello on my InTheSlowLane blog I decided to use one from the kitchen area in the basement at the back of the house for this posting. Since all the cooking was done by Jefferson’s slaves it was not a fancy place like the rest of the house but it was very utilitarian.

This was the third time I have been to Monticello. Of course, it hasn’t changed much since the first time I was there in 1965. One thing that has changed is they now put more emphasis on the slaves and their lives than they did back then. Now that we know that Jefferson sired several children by Sally Jennings, who was a slave, that is mentioned, but not prominently, in several of the displays.

I think they have quit burying anyone in the graves there now. That is probably a good thing now that his lineage has increased so much. Jefferson being a slave owner is one of the things that distracts from his overall accomplishments but we must try to understand that slavery was a big part of the world back then. Especially for those in Virginia. Of course almost a hundred years after Jefferson Virginia became the capitol of the Confederacy uprising against the U.S. and their reason was primarily about slavery.

And the journey goes on…

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