No Credit Given….

The above note has been making its rounds on Facebook. I have seen in on several of my conservative friends postings. As usual the radical right among us seems unwilling to give President Obama credit for ANYTHING. Bin Laden was in the compound where they discovered him for probably more than four years before Mr. Bush left office. If Bushie had been president when the attack took place there these same pundits would have been yelling “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED – PRESIDENT BUSH TOOK DOWN HIS MAN!!!”

The part about the pay on this posting is another demonstration of “don’t confuse me with the facts” syndrome typical of the RR. The original poster says President Obama was debating on whether or not to PAY the soldiers. I don’t watch Fox News much so maybe they reported it differently than any of the other news channels (I wouldn’t put that past them 😉 ) but from what I heard it was the Republicans in the House who were threatening to shut down the government  and stop the soldiers pay not President Obama or the Democrats.

The final thing that bothers me about this whole episode is the fact that so many people seem to be celebrating this death. I personally don’t think we should “celebrate” any death including Bin Laden’s. Yes, he was a bad guy and he more than deserved what he got but he was also a child of God although a very very misguided one. No death should be celebrated. Especially when it is taken this manner. Too bad we showed the rest of the world our bravado instead of our moral goodness.

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