I Don't Fly Anymore….

When I was in the corporate world I flew to different parts of the country and Mexico on at least a monthly basis. When I started flying business more than forty years ago it was a somewhat luxurious thing. Often I would get a pretty good meal returning home from business trips. And when we happened to end a meeting a couple of hours early we could always get an earlier flight home. But that all ended in the 1980s when Reagan deregulated the airlines. After that flying became a burden to be suffered not enjoyed. I ended my corporate career dreading the next flight.

I must admit that in the eleven years or so since I left the corporate world I have not flown once!  My wife and I take vacations at least two or three times a year. When we do that we go by car. I like to say that we leave the airlines to those who can’t afford the expenses or time to travel without leaving the ground.  We often times purposely avoid the interstate highways and the fast food franchises for the State roads and local diners. We seldom go more than four hundred miles a day.

In the last eleven years I have learned more about the country I was born in than the other fifty some years combined. I must say the people we meet along the way seldom resemble the mean spirited and spiteful ones that adorn most internet new articles comments now days. We will be getting to know our neighbors in Canada later this year as we plan an extended trip up the St. Lawrence seaway to Nova Scotia. We could fly their in a couple of hours but instead we choose to spend at least a couple of weeks seeing the people and sites along the way.

I have been avid reader from the time I read the Hardy Boys books as an almost teenager to the latest biographies today. I think my all time favorite book was Travels with Charley by John Steinbeck. I have read the book many times. There was just something so alluring about traveling in the slow lanes. In the past eleven years I have had several “Travels with Charley” experiences that I will never forget.  Don’t get me wrong when the time comes that it is absolutely necessary to travel by air I will endure it but don’t see that happening any time soon.

And the journey continues…..