On The Road — Day 11 – Those Ornery Acadians…..

We Moved from our hotel this morning about 180 km to Riviere-du-Nord to visit a historic Acadian village. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate with us today. We spent most of the morning and afternoon in constant rain. We found a motel close to the village and checked in. It is another pretty inexpensive motel so I did check out the bed before making the accommodations. 😉 After checking in we headed for the village and managed to go through about 20% of it before finally surrendering to the rain and heading back to our room. The rain is supposed to pass through tonight so we should have a good day tomorrow. Here is a picture of a couple of the inhabits of the village who didn’t mind the rain at all.

Let’s get a short story about the Acadians for those who are not familiar with them.  They were a pretty rough bunch of french men who populated much of the New Brunswick coast during the early 1700s.  The French ceded this territory to the British in 1713 and in 1755 the occupants of this territory were told to make an unconditional oath of allegiance to the British King.  Of course these contentious French mean refused so their land was confiscated and they were deported to American colonies. Many of them ended up in New Orleans and formed the basic character of that city.  Over the years many of those who were deported have returned to the area and now make up a sizable population of french speaking Canadians living outside of the Quebec Province.

The village, which we will see the majority of is an accurate reproduction of various times between 1700 and 1900. Most of the buildings have re-creators that will tell you about their story of the time.

We will finish up our visit with the ancient Arcadians and then will head for Prince Edward Island, otherwise known as PEI tomorrow. We have a three day reservation at a historic Canadian railroad hotel that was built in the mid 1800s. That will be our down time for this portion of our trip. We have been motel hopping for almost a week now so this will be a restful time for us. Tomorrow I will tell you some more about our visit to the village and my initial reactions to PEI. Hopefully over the weekend I can sit down and try to asses our trip so far.

And the journey goes on….

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