All I Know — "White House shifts in unpredictable debt debate"

White House shifts in unpredictable debt debate –

Political analyst Darrell West of the Brookings Institution said the administration’s willingness to adjust when the situation warrants could put the president at an advantage.

“Leaders have to adapt to changing circumstances,” said West. “And if they don’t, their rigidity undermines the political process.”


 This whole article talks about President Obama has constantly been changing what he wants to accomplish with all the debt talks. As the quote I pulled out mentions that leaders have to adapt…. but what I don’t see here is that the only one that seems to be adapting is the president. I wouldn’t use the word “adapt” to describe what is happening here. I would more appropriately call it caving in.  I haven’t seen any indication of where the Republicans in congress have “adapted” to anything that they did not originally want and I don’t think we will until the president finally draws a line in the sand.

It is good to be flexible but not at the cost of your moral stands. I’m just not sure where Mr. Obama’s moral stand are anymore?  He seems to have given me one set when he was campaigning and a completely different one when he got into office.  He needs to grow a backbone and stand up to the Tea party people and not cave in on every circumstance. His actions have saddened me greatly.

A Will Rogers quote seems appropriate here:

Well the elections will be breaking out pretty soon, and a flock of Democrats will replace a mess of Republicans in quite a few districts. It won’t mean a thing, they will go in like all the rest of ’em, go in on promises and come out on Alibis. -September 14, 1930

I guess I need to pay more attention to Will’s words and not get my hopes up too much. But what do I know…..

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