On The Road–Hello from Nova Scotia…

I am sitting in a small motel room in Lunenburg Nova Scotia writing these words waiting for my wife to wake up to tell me what she has planned, or maybe doesn’t have planned for the day. Lunenburg is on the “South Shore” of this province. Two days ago I told my wife that she was going to be in total control of our time in Nova Scotia. I would offer no comments or suggestion and would agree to everything she decided. After the fact she seems to always say that I was the one who decided everything so I was not going to allow that comment any validity this time.

We left Prince Edward Island yesterday morning and came across the ten mile bridge back to the mainland. Nova Scotia was just a few miles south of the bridge. We stopped at the first welcome center here and Yvonne spent the next hour working with one of the greeters there to find the “perfect” cabin!  She wanted something on the water where she could sit and look at it for a few days. This motel was supposed to meet all those needs. When we got here after driving 250 miles in Nova Scotia we found that it does have an ocean view but it is about one hundred yards away and has a road between us and the water. Unfortunately the only place to park the car is between our room and the water thus somewhat blocking the view.

I am going to try my best in the coming days here (I don’t know how long she want to stay) and put on a happy face for her. Sitting and doing nothing is just not my thing but I will do it for her. Winking smile I have internet access from the room although it is very spotty and sometimes very very slow so I guess I should be content. She wants to leave the world behind; I want to take at least a part of it with me.

We did go into town last night for supper and it was pretty nice. Hopefully she will decide to at least spend a few hours there touring the area today or tomorrow. It is a small (probably 5,000 people or so) fishing town that has turned more into a tourist area lately but still has a great deal of charm. As Sarah Palin said if I had binocular eyes I could see Maine from here as it is only about 50 miles west of us. I am getting a little anxious to return to the U.S. even with all the total nonsense that is going on there now.  When we leave here it will be down into Maine and our New England part of our adventure.

Depending on what is on the agenda, I have no idea on what it might be right now,  I may spend some time today wrapping up my thoughts about our neighbors to the north and telling you some of the conversations we have had with them.

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