On The Road — Bangor Maine

Here I am banging on the keyboard in Bangor Maine. We made about 500 miles today which is the most for one day on this vacation. Unfortunately I had to do almost all the driving. My wife started feeling poorly yesterday so we cut our time in Nova Scotia short and started heading back this morning. She wants to rest and try to get a good nights sleep and then see how she is in the morning.

We may just make a dash for home from here. It is about 1250 miles and will take about 23 driving hours.  I should be able to do that in a couple of days unless her condition deteriorates. Her condition is not life threatening but it does put a definite damper on any sightseeing. She really wants to go to NYC and see Ground Zero while we are this close but I told her we can do that on another trip if necessary.

Given that her health was not that good when we started it’s almost amazing we have made it as far as we have. But even without this latest event her endurance has continued to go down daily throughout the trip. It might be wise to just call it quits here.

And the journey goes on… or doesn’t…. more on that tomorrow…

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