Where Are You When We Need You??

None of them from any party are going to purposely ruin the country. They will all do the best they can. -July 8, 1928 Will Rogers

If I had run across this quote ten or maybe even five years ago I would have undoubtedly agreed that it applies to our times. But given what has occurred since then I am just not so sure anymore. There just seems to be so much mistrust, I might even call it hate in some circles, that I am just not sure now. It seems that one party is more willing to see the country fail rather than see their enemies in the other party be successful at anything and the other party is not that much different in their feeling towards them.

I just don’t know how we got ourselves in this situation. Where did all this recent animosity come from? Why are we now such a divided nation? I think a big part of it is the economic chaos that we find ourselves in the last decade. Everyone is fearful that they will soon join the ranks of the unemployed that bitterness has just overtaken them. They form an “us” vs. “them” mentality. No one seems to be exempt from all this layoff stuff any more and with all the middle class producing jobs leaving the country in search of almost slave labor wages who can blame them. I know that the job I retired from eleven years ago now reside in India for the most part.

Will we ever get a truly inspirational leader, with the gumption to put his words to action, to take us out of our doldrums?  I was hoping that Mr. Obama was up to that task but he has proven to be short of the skills needed to accomplish that.  Where are the great ones when we need them?

But what do I know…..

I need to get off this “downer” stuff for a while. It is drawing me into its clutches. On to some lighter things for the rest of the week.