I Just Don't Belong….

I started out my adult life as a Republican who voted for Richard Nixon in 1972 but after Reagan became president in 1980 I was pushed into the Democrat party by all his radical and anti-people policies. Things like “trickle down” and “cutting taxes to increase taxes” just made no sense to me and ended up being total nonsense in its practice.  He was probably the original modern day deficit king. I’m not sure who I voted for in 1988; neither candidate seemed to be really qualified. It was a boring election.

In 1992 I voted for Clinton and then for him again four years later. Those were certainly prosperous times for all of us. We seemed to be able to do no wrong as a country.  Yeah there were the usual embarrassing events that we get ourselves into but at least we seemed to be able to get along together. As a result of the Clinton years I felt very comfortable in calling myself a Democrat.  Then Mr. Bush (the junior version) did nothing but reinforce my Democratic leanings.  In 2008 I voted for Mr. Obama but have since become leery of his continuous spending with little or no effect.

I am a fiscal conservative and a social progressive so that puts me somewhere between the two established parties. So it seems I don’t really belong to either party anymore. The Tea Party is the exact opposite of who I am so just call me one of those ornery Independents from now on. At least until someone brings some sanity back into the political processes.

I am waiting to see who comes out of this Republican presidential field but I can’t really imagine voting for any of those yahoos. Their social policies (Every person for themselves or worse!) is just way beyond where I am in that regard.  And then there is the one who is calling Social Security a Ponsi scheme.  I don’t want that guy anywhere near the Oval office; I depend too much on my social security check to risk that.  Also after Johnson and Bush I can’t imagine I will ever vote to put another Texan in the White House.

But, I am not very enthusiastic for the current version of Mr. Obama either.  Too bad the 2008 version of him can’t run against the 2011 version. Maybe it really doesn’t matter who is in the White House now as I don’t see the 24 hour bickering to ever come to an end any time soon.

But what do I know….