Why Didn't God Write a Book?…..

Why didn’t God write a book or maybe I should say scroll?  Of course many of you Christians will mention the Bible. Many Muslims will point to the Koran. Many Jews will say the Koran.  But I guess I have a different understanding of those documents. Yes, they have God’s fingerprints on them but they were not written by God himself. There is one religious establishment, Mormons, who claim their books was dropped from heaven but I have some very serious reservations about that claim.

One possible answer why didn’t God write a book came from a Quaker friend. He said that if God had written a book then man would have a relationship with a book and not with God. God want us to come to him not to a book about him. That is a great answer but I still wonder what if God were to write a book what would it look like? Of course I am painfully aware that I certainly don’t know the mind of God. That is something that man can never really know. Our minds are just too puny for that task. But that doesn’t keep me from speculating some of the possible answers to my question.

  • If God were to write a book there would be absolutely no mistake that it was from God…. With our current written text know as the  Bible theologians throughout the ages have constantly shown doubt about the authors of almost every book of the New Testament.  We just can’t seem to decide, and there seems to be little evidence, of the true authors of the documents that make the Bible.
  • There would be no hidden messages…. Compared to Him God knows we are all very simple-minded people who need simple-minded instructions on what God expects from us and what we can expect from God.
  • It would be a book that is constantly changing…. ( I can just hear the jaws drop on this one :) )It would be a changing book in that would it would give us different messages as we move along our road of life and our journey with Christ. It’s messages would be as clear to a four-year old as they were to a life long follower of Christ.
  • There would be no need for all the theologians around today… There are literally thousands of theologians  of different spiritual persuasions around today to help us understand our religious documents. But, one of the problems with that is that no two seem to have the same answers. So it depends on which is our favorite flavor of theologian as to what we think God says. If God were to write a book this field of occupation would be senseless. There would be no need for us to rely on others to know the meanings of a book written by God himself.
I believe that the Bible we followers of Jesus Christ currently use to try to understand the nature of God is an awesome collection of works. Yes, they do give us a basic understanding of the nature of God at least from the perspective of those who penned the words.  And quite frankly, without that book we would be hard pressed to know much of anything about the mind of God. But being a book produced by inspired men and not God, the Bible is often misunderstood, misquoted, and misused. Being a collection of works written by different men at different times it is not a very unified document many pieces of text seem to say completely opposite things.  If God had indeed written a book none of these problems would exist. It would be perfect as God is perfect.

God did not intend us to have a relationship with a book but a relationship with him

4 thoughts on “Why Didn't God Write a Book?…..

  1. It certainly would have helped matters if Jesus didn’t teach in parables that even the disciples who were with him 24/7 struggled to understand.

    Some of my friends will insist that every word in the Bible is God-breathed (?) or God-inspired. My problem with that is simple, if true then how come we have so many different translations? How could the original Bible be written in various languages, then translated into other languages that don’t capture the original meaning?

    Personally, I believe the Bible gives me the blueprint for my life. I don’t have to believe every word. is exactly “God-breathed.” Man wrote the words and man makes mistakes. God doesn’t, That is probably why His book hasn’t been released yet.


  2. My experience indicates that a really sizable number of bible readers believe that the Bible was Originally written in English. Hmmmm.

    If God were to do His own writing, I wonder what language it would be in….


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