Writing Our Own History….

But every one of us write our own history. If it sounds better the way we want it than the way it might have been why that don’t stop us any more than an amber light. -September 17, 1933      Will Rogers

I think that this is one of those saying that is probably more true now than when it was in Will’s day. If I remember the figures correctly about 50% of the resumes in the job world contain embellishments or outright falsehoods. And of course the number one cause for traffic accidents today are people running red lights and stop signs.

Lying, or maybe more politely embellishing, seems to be a national pastime for many of us.  I know as I get older I have selective memory when it comes to my past. I’m sure I remember some things differently than what actually happened.  Those who participated in sports in their earlier lives most likely now remember their 98 yard run back when in reality it was probably 15. Since most of us have lead pretty uneventful lives there is no one to account for our history other than ourselves. Not many of us have biographers who are interested in penning our past or checking the facts.

So, we are left to our own accounts as to what happend in our lives.  About the only ones who might take us to count on our recollections are our siblings who grew up with us.  Many of us now, and have for years, lived remotely from our brothers and sisters so we feel free to remember things the way we want to remember them. There is not much possibility of being corrected except maybe at family get togethers.

Will mentions amber lights in his quote above but that has progressed to red lights now. It seems that almost every intersection I am stopped at the last few years there is always one person who blatently runs a red light. As a matter of fact I was nearly hit by one of these folks on our way back from our recent short vacation at Pleasant Hill Shaker Village near Lexington KY.  I was in the intersection waiting to turn left when the light turned red but about 100 feet away was a car with a young woman driver who didn’t seem to be slowing down. I waited about five seconds and sure enough she ran the red light almost hitting me. She was on her cell phone at the time and seemed to be in a heated discussion so I’m not really sure she even saw me about to turn into her path.

Many things that Will Rogers talked about is as true in our times as they were eighty years ago in his times and then there are some where we have “progressed” even further. This quote is one of those times.