Its Probably a Good Thing….

It looks like the super committee is, like the rest of congress, is in a partisan gridlock. As the cartoon to the right portrays the Republicans have taken a pledge to not put any additional taxes on their super rich supporters. They prefer to put the burden the poor and middle class with any deficit reduction plans. Of course this will not fly with the Democratic members of the committee so there is the usual gridlock.

When they set up the supper committee they said that if the committee did not come up with a resolution to reduce the deficit then there would be an across the board cut in discretionary spending. This sounds draconian to many but if you look at it closer it is probably a good thing. Over half of our discretionary spending is on our military budgets. So this means that half of the deficit reduction come from our bloated military.

As I have mentioned several times on this blog we spend forty times more per citizen than any other country in the world on our war machine. A ten percent reduction in that budget would do little to change that ratio. We would still be far and away the biggest military spender in the world but at least $50 billion a year would be taken out of the pot. It looks like our Republican friends have finally figured out that their total non-cooperation will hit their favorite establishment the most. There are several of them running around trying to find a way out of this situation. I just hope the Democrats in the Senate are as adept in using the once seldom used filibuster to prevent them from changing the ratio.

A $500 billion ten year reduction in our military expenses would probably be the best thing to happen in the last several years. It would mean a few more of our young boys and girls would stay home and not be put at risk in our seemingly senseless wars. It would mean that maybe, just maybe, our deciders (no Mr. Bush is not one of them anymore) would at least stop for a few seconds to think of alternatives rather than rushing to war with our next enemy, whoever that might be.