Last week I used a Will Rogers quote to basically say that if you are satisfied you are successful. But just what is satisfaction?  The first thought I had was the Rolling Stones song, “I can’t get no satisfaction…and I tried, and I tried”. That is kind of the story of my life I guess. I have never seemed to be able to accept the possibility of being satisfied with much of anything. I am always expecting more of myself than I seem to be able , or at least want, to deliver. I just can’t seem to get no satisfaction.

I don’t expect I am much different than many people in that regard. Don’t get me wrong, I am by no means a perfectionist. I am a firm believer in the old saying “you get 80% of the results from 20% of the work”. In that regard I am not one to spend hours and hours doing something when minutes will product almost the same effect. But I am always striving to do better than I am presently seem capable of. That is not a bad thing but it does sometimes limit my feeling of success.

My wife on the other hand seems to be quite satisfied with a very simple life. As long as she has her computer card and board games, her garden, her favorite TV shows, and of course her naps she is satisfied.  Simplicity is the cornerstone of her life. I envy her in that and many other regards.

As for me I am trying and trying to get some satisfaction in the simpler things in life but that is a constant struggle for me. Here I am in my senior years and still can’t seem to decide what I want to do when I grow up.

2 thoughts on “Satisfaction….

  1. Wow, RJ. Methinks that you are trying too hard. Or too busy judging yourself. Or have a “monkey on your shoulder” judging you. I have found that one of the best things about retirement is that it’s NOT like a job. I am more able to do what I want – and not sweat the results nearly so dearly.

    Personally and related to this, I found that my part-time “work” as a professional puppeteer was not as satisfying as I would have liked. So, after struggling and whining a bit, I decided that I needed to simplify both the show and my attitude. I needed to remind myself that, while I certainly enjoyed the money it brings in, I needed to approach it all with my old sense of fun and whimsy. So, at the moment, I am revamping my schtick with Duck Watson, from trying in so complicated a way to have him actually play a ukulele, to instead work him like a dummy who is indignant that I’m not a real ventriloquist (I’ll see by this Saturday’s show if I can effectively pull it off). For me, the satisfaction is in facing the challenge. If it’s a bust, then it’s time to regroup (again) and simply enjoy getting back to the drawing board. After all, I’M RETIRED!

    You are an amazingly productive and prolific blogger (that far too many readers have not yet discovered – their problem, not yours) and quite insightful and spiritual. That already puts you way ahead of the curve – as if that really matters. Just being successfully retired puts you at the head of the class. There’s a whole lot (majority?) of seniors out there who will never be able to effectively retire. Give yourself permission to savor what you are and what you are doing. No yardstick needed, IMO.

    Striving to do better? If it’s for your own satisfaction (!), then great! If it’s to please or impress that monkey on your shoulder, well, you can deal with that.


  2. Hi Steve. I am humbled by your kind words. Thank you.
    Yeah my lack of full satisfaction is probably a result of everything you mentioned. I have always been a dreamer and of course real life never quite lives up to our dreams do they? Retirement has been a very fulfilling time for me. It has allowed to to do many things I was either not able or maybe not willing to do in other parts of my life.

    One area that I still have much to accomplish is where it seems you excel and that is your creativity. I would never be able to do what you do in that area. But I am striving to be a little more creative every day. Good luck with your performance on Saturday. I hope everything works out for you. Yeah if I approach satisfaction as having faced the challenge it puts a new light on the topic. Thanks for that concept.


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