The Good Old Days….

We are always yapping about the “Old days” and how we look back and enjoy it, but I tell you there is a lot of huey to it. There is a whole lot of all our past lives that was not so hot. -September 2, 1934 Will Rogers

Why is it that once we become senior citizens so many of us lament about the “good old days”? Yes, I remember some good times in the past but as Will says much of my past life was not so hot. I remember as a youth when my grandparents made the same comments I wondered what was so good about them. They talked about people starving during the Great Depression and how so many people lost their homes and such. They talked about slaving all day for $1 in wages.  They talked about having arms broken while trying to start their cars.  Those didn’t sound much like “the good old days” to me.

And then there is my generation who seemingly are doing the same thing. We talk about how great our muscle cars were in the 60’s and 70’s but what I remember about them was that they often didn’t start due to gummed up carburetors, spark plugs or a number of other things. I also remember having to sell my first and really only muscle car after it turned 30,000 miles. It was totally worn out.  And then there was the Vietnam war that dominated much of my generation. I lost a number of good friends in that one and several came back from it but were never the same again.  And then there was the KKK just outside of the rural town I grew up in.  Yeah, we had some fun times but as a whole they were not all the “good old days” that many talk about now.

So as Will say a lot of our past lives were not so hot. I’m sure every generation glorifies their past to one degree or another so this is nothing new to Will’s time nor to ours.  There is a lot of huey to it but in some ways it is nice to forget all those “unpleasant” times and concentrate on the better memories. I just wonder what the future crop of seniors will remember about these times as they get to be our ages?