No More Flashing Ads……

If you are a regular reader of this blog you already know that I recently returned to the Apple fold by replacing my old PC with a new MacBookAir. This has been a very enjoyable experience for me. It seems that Apple has chosen to do several things differently than Microsoft. One of those things that I perhaps appreciate the most is in the Apple Safari browser.  It seems that Apple has had a go around with Adobe and does not include many of their add-ins in its browser. For those of you who don’t know it is the Adobe Flash plug-in that is responsible for all the flashing images that are so annoying in many web pages.  It is difficult to concentrate on the article you are reading when there is an ad  constantly flashing some idiotic pictures nearby. I put an ad type picture here just to give you the idea. This one is not even flashing but I think you get the idea of it being annoying.

Since Safari does not have the add-in there are no distractions like this in their browser. For me personally I can’t tell you how much of a relief that is!!! Being deaf my sense of vision is perhaps more enhanced from you hearing people 😉   I often found it necessary to put a sticky post-it over the flashing so I could read what I went to the page for. It is so nice to be able to leisurely browse a page without all the little, and sometime not so little, pictures constantly trying to get my attention.  Yes, there are a few things that are blocked because I don’t have the add-in but they are not enough for me to go back again.

I am truly enjoying the new things I am learning because of moving from a PC to a Mac.