Techie Lessons…

I have always been a techie. I paid almost a month’s salary for my first computer in the early 1980s and never turned back since then.  Over the years I have gotten some heat from others about being a nerd, even before the word was invented.  But I think my techie mentality has served me well over the years and it definitely has given me something to do in my senior years. I see others my age making statement like “I don’t understand (some say use) any of that computer stuff”. Of course almost every child born in the last decade has grown up with serious technology products almost in their cribs. So, my generation is likely one of the last ones to have members totally resistant to having technological knowledge.

With all this in mind in case you haven’t noticed I started a new Seniors Only post category entitled “Technology is your friend”. It will concentrate on technology news and maybe help some of you to understand how technology can improve you life, yes even in your senior years.  Past generations of seniors have been much more isolated than we are.  Some of us are like them but given today’s world we don’t need to be. Keeping in communications with others is one of the secrets of joyful life. No man is an island; we were meant to be around others.

Some future posts here will be about helping you talk with your grandkids! I mean that from both a literal and a relational standpoint.

Some posts will be reviews of current products and how you might be able to use them to improve your life.

Some posts will be looking at very forward focused technology in diverse areas and speculating how that might change the world.

Some posts will be just to poke fun as some of us being left behind in the world today. I include myself in that category in some areas particularly music.

Given that I have been a techie much of my personal and professional life I have knowledge in this area that I want to share with you.  I hope it helps a little. If not just ignore it (ha).