They Will Do Anything….

Most of the presidential candidates both present and past will do almost anything to get elected. What drives them to endure such brutal campaigns? Of course the answer to that is usually a super sized ego. Mitt, or should I say Not, is no exception so the above cartoon is almost believable. But I think most of these guys, and recently gals, really just like the “idea” of being president and having the power it brings. Once they get the job that is another thing. It seems to be more about beating the competition than really wanting to do the day-to-day chores necessary for the position.

President Obama is no exception to that rule. Now that he is in the White House he doesn’t seem to know what to do.  The chief complaint against him by both parties is that he is never involved in any of the current bartering going on.  I think he want to remain above it all? If he had been elected king instead of president that standoffishness would be tolerated but as president he needs to get down and dirty and get the people’s business done instead of being so aloof.

But what do I know….