My Conservative Friend…

I spend a few days a week writing posts for RJs Corner. Since I have several categories outside of the political arena much of that time is spent just looking at life as Will Rogers taught me and then talking with you about my observations. Will’s most famous saying was I never met a fellow I didn’t like and I think he really meant those words. I try to emulate him in that regard even with those who have a political and life philosophy that is diametrically opposite to mine.  I try to see the good side of everyone. This seems to be in dark contrast to some of my more conservative blogger friends. They seem to live in a very dark and spiteful world.

I am not going to be doing much edifying of this but I wanted to give you a snapshot of one conservative blogger’s world. He certainly is filled with a lot of hatred. I pity him in that regard.  I hope he has a life outside of his blog that is very different from the one he portrays there. If not he is in a very dreadful place which I would never want to be. Almost all of the many posts on his blog are filled with the same rhetoric.

If you are having a good day you just might want to skip the rest of this post. But if you want to take a peek into his world read these words:

We have a socialist White House and a socialist Senate. Most of our Republican Representatives in the House are incompetent. Four of our Nine Supreme Court Justices are either progressives or socialists. Our economy is in shambles. Our defense policies are the most vulnerable in recent memory. Our culture is fragmented and corrupted. Our political parties’ lust for power has overcome their sense of patriotism to the Country. Our state governments are corrupt and self-serving. Our educational institutions have become little more than socialist indoctrination centers. Our national media has become the propaganda arm of the progressive Democratic Party.

We have forsaken our principles and rejected our founding documents. Worst of all we have also rejected the God of our Founders. Our pulpits are filled with false prophets and teachers, teaching the wisdom of men for the commandments of God. Our public policies foster iniquity and depravity….

A lot of words come to mind as a knee jerk reaction to his ranting. But after peacefully contemplating them the word that jumps out is pity.  I pray my conservative friend finds a way out of this deep dreadful chasm that he is in and that he manages to find it without doing harm to the rest of us. Unfortunately these words seem to be a common thread through many of my conservative friends thoughts and actions. I pray that the hate that envelopes them is somehow diminished and they manage to see at least a little good in the world around them.

But what do I know….