What those squiggles do…

Source: QR codes 101: What those squiggles do – CSMonitor.com.

You have seen those splotching things everywhere now days but what do they do? First of all they are called Quick Response codes or QR for short and they do many many things. Just scan one with your smart phone and it will among other things

  • bring up a website
  • download a coupon that can be immediately used
  • tell you  more about the product you are viewing (probably more than any sales clerk you might be able to find)

In order to be able to read a QR code you must have the app on your smart phone. You can usually get it at your app store for free. QR use is growing exponentially lately. Retail stores are starting to use them along with their wi-fi zones to help you with your buying decision. Most magazines and even some newspapers are starting to use them for people who want to know more about the article they just read.

As seems the usual lately QR use is much more prevalent in Europe and Asia than they are here but we are starting to catch up with them.

If you seniors out there want to impress your grandkids download the app and use it while in a store or even browsing a magazine. You will likely get a “wow grandma/grandpa knows how to do that!!”

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