Each of Our Deeds…


“We do not strive for spectacular actions. What counts is the gift of yourself, the degree of love you put into each of your deeds.”

– Mother Teresa, from The Love of Christ Almighty God, tear down the walls that divide us. Remove whatever infects our eyes, that we may see the stranger not as different but as a brother or a sister. Amen.

This voice and prayer come from Sojourners daily emails. Mother Teresa was not one to be showy in her actions but she definitely put love into each of her deeds and her deeds were many. If we show love in absolutely everything we do we are reflecting our Lord. He did not intend for us to just spend an hour a week in our local clubhouses talking about him but instead meant us to get out into our communities and show his love by our daily deeds. No one should be a stranger to us for they are all our brothers and sisters in Christ.