A Race to the Bottom…

The Republican candidates for President, via their debates, are in a race to the bottom… but that is where their base is.

I can’t give you a name to go with this quote but it is a poignant one. The Republican base makes up about 20% of the total electorate. It seems like it will be a very difficult job to turn around the rhetoric when the primaries are over. I can’t see how they will spin the words of these current times to appeal to the other 80% of voters?  As usual they seem to be against much much more than they are for. I’m just a simple guy but I don’t see that strategy being successful this time around. But then again I have overestimated the intelligence of the voters in this country many times. 🙂

Sometime or another they will have to start being for something than to just get the current Oval Room inhabitant out of office. I’m not crazy about what Mr. Obama has done during his time in the White House but I just can’t see any of his potential replacement there either.

But what do I know…

One thought on “A Race to the Bottom…

  1. So the Senate manages to cobble together a patchwork, 2 month “fix” for expiring payroll tax cuts, and the GOP in the House says they want nothing to do with that bill…even though it had Republican support in the Senate. So, now the party of no is saying it to themselves! I don’t things can get any worse in Washington, but those bozos always surprise me.

    Explain to me how a fringe group of non-thinking reactionaries (can you say Tea Party?) can get every GOP “leader” to swing so far to the right that the party is approaching 3rd party status and making Ron Paul look almost reasonable.


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