Is There a Basic Difference Between Republicans and Democrats

George W. Bush

Source:  What is George W. Bush Doing Now That He is Not President?.

In the two years since he left office, George Bush wrote a book called Decision Points. The memoir was acquired by The Crown Publishing Group and released to the public on November, 2010. The book’s topic is about the 14 most defining and critical decisions he made during his career as President. The former president, who called himself “the decider”,  was paid $7 million for 1.5 million copies and he has been on a national tour promoting it. The book has only been out for a few weeks and is already sparking controversy. …  As of November 2010, Bush has appeared, or is scheduled to appear, on Oprah, Rush Limbaugh, Matt Lauer, Candy Crowley, and Sean Hannity to discuss and promote his book.

Besides producing a memoir, George Bush has also been circulating the globe on a public speaking tour. His first appearance was in front of a business audience in Calgary, Canada. He is currently being represented by the Washington Speakers Bureau who also has Tony Blair and Laura Bush as clients. This year, George Bush is breaking ground on his Presidential Library which is set to be finished in July of 2013 and open for visitors in September 2013.

Jimmy Carter 

via Wikipedia

As President, Carter expressed a goal of making government “competent and compassionate.” In pursuit of that vision, he has been involved in a variety of national and international public policy, conflict resolution, human rights and charitable causes.

In 1982, he established The Carter Center in Atlanta to advance human rights and alleviate unnecessary human suffering. The non-profit, nongovernmental Center promotes democracy, mediates and prevents conflicts, and monitors the electoral process in support of free and fair elections. It also works to improve global health through the control anderadication of diseases such as Guinea worm disease, river blindness, malaria, trachoma, lymphatic filariasis, and schistosomiasis. It also works to diminish the stigma of mental illnesses and improve nutrition through increased crop production in Africa. Nobel Peace Prize I

n 2002, President Carter received the Nobel Peace Prize for his work “to find peaceful solutions to international conflicts, to advance democracy and human rights, and to promote economic and social development” through The Carter Center.

William Jefferson Clinton

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Based on his philanthropic worldview, Clinton created the William J. Clinton Foundation to address issues of global importance. This foundation includes the Clinton Foundation HIV and AIDS Initiative (CHAI), which strives to combat that disease, and has worked with the Australian government toward that end. The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), begun by the Clinton Foundation in 2005, attempts to address world problems such as global public health, poverty alleviation and religious and ethnic conflict. In 2005, Clinton announced through his foundation an agreement with manufacturers to stop selling sugared drinks in schools. Clinton’s foundation joined with the Large Cities Climate Leadership Group in 2006 to improve cooperation among those cities, and he met with foreign leaders to promote this initiative. The foundation has received donations from a number of governments all over the world, including Asia and the Middle East. In 2008, Foundation director Inder Singh announced that deals to reduce the price of anti-malaria drugs by 30% in developing nations. 

All we need to do to see the basic difference between the Republican and the Democrat party mentalities is to view what the past presidents do after they leave office.  I know I only show one Republican president but from what I have been able to find. His self-seeking sedentary life after the presidency pretty much mirrors the other Republicans who have held that office in the last 50 years.  I would welcome anyone to show me where I might have this wrong. The above references give us a good indication of the basic difference between Republicans and Democrats. Since this post is already long I will leave it up to you to draw more of your own conclusions.

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