Cleaner Minds….

What we need is cleaner minds and dirtier fingernails. – February 28, 1928  Will Rogers

This quote came to mind recently while I was reading an article on the USA Today website. As usual the comments at the end of the article were 95% dissing either the author of the article, the content, or other commentors.  I seldom wander below the bottom of most articles for this reason but for this one I was inclined to put a comment there. It would have been a constructive criticism. But after a quick review of what was already there I decided my comment would just be lost in all the filth already occupying the space.

So, as Will says we need cleaner minds and dirtier fingernails.  We need to get over the practice of disrespecting everyone we have a disagreement with. The “screaming matches” that trail most news articles accomplish nothing but polluting the atmosphere.  If I go by the comments on webpages It seems that this country has become filled with some pretty spiteful people. But I have a feeling that there is a silent majority out there who, like me, just don’t feel inclined to post amongst all these mean words.

But what do I know…

2 thoughts on “Cleaner Minds….

  1. I agree. I think the majority has left the comments sections of which you speak to the spiteful minority. What I don’t understand is why the editors allow such spite to be written/published in the first place. I guess they look at the number of comments and don’t really worry themselves over the content. Yuchh!

    While part of me, like you, wants to comment in these cases, I don’t. Still, it feels like my own opportunity to “be heard” is edged out by these e-hecklers.


  2. I would guess that most of the sites are afraid of being called censors it they control the input. I don’t know the answer to this but the current situation is probably not what they want either.


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