‘Star Wars’ universe getting a lot bigger…

‘Star Wars’ universe getting a lot bigger – USATODAY.com.

I am a Star Wars junkie, I freely admit it. I find it fascinating to take a peak of a possible future scenario that doesn’t end with us polluting the world beyond livability. I enjoy movies like “Soylent Green” and “Mad Max” but would rather believe we have a rosier future than they portray. Call me a wild-eyed dreamer if you want; I really don’t care.

I have recently watched all the Star Wars movies in high def and I usually see an episode of “The Next Generation” or one of the other TV series at least once a week. The article above is about new video games with a Star Trek theme. I am not into video games. I’m not sure if someone who, like me, is deaf can really use them to any degrees. I’m sure there are no caption options in them. Maybe that is a good thing. I probably have too many hobbies as it is without getting into that one.

I have also been entranced by the new Tron movie. It is playing on Direct TV lately and I have probably watched at least parts of it on half-dozen different times in the last few weeks.  My mind just loves to speculate on various scenarios of our possible future. I guess I am just a “What If..” person with a wild imagination. Or maybe I am just a kid who never grew up….

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