Another Flash in the Pan….

I see the Republicans have yet another “front-runner”! This time it is Rick Santorum. This makes every one of the eight or so wannabes that has moved to the front of the pack. But when that happens they soon seem to fizzle out like a flash in the pan. They get on the front burner of public attention and the heat becomes too much for them. Maybe Mr. Santorum will be different but I kind of doubt it.  He has his flaws just like all the rest of them. The Republicans want the “perfect” candidate, at least according to their convoluted standards, to beat President Obama in the fall. Nothing else matters to them than to get that guy out of the Oval Office.  They will do anything and I mean anything to make that happen. But their version of the perfect candidate seems to be someone who is teetering on the very right fringe of their party. How did they manage to kidnap a previously viable institution?

But their total focus on getting someone out is the major problem. They don’t have any agenda for themselves other than removing the present holder and shutting down the government. Somehow I guess they see the totally innate goodness of man and are convinced that if we just leave everyone to their own goodness everything will be fine. Some call me naive but I think their approach is the epitome of naive.  I see way too much selfishness in the world around me to leave everyone to do whatever they want. I see too much greed to hope that the rich will somehow all become great humanitarians if only we let them do their thing.

They see a world without Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and all the watchdog agencies to reign in our dark sides.  If they should actually gain the Oval Office I see massive problems envelope us. The safety net would simply disappear and be replaced by a deep dark pit. The Christian idea of being our brother’s keeper will be replaced by “everyone for themselves”.

Of course the latest “front-runner” also seems to want to turn our country into a WASP theocracy. At least his version of that. He, like all the flashes before him, thinks that his view of the world will solve all our problems.  Several polls now show that if Mr. Santorum is the nominee he will not carry his home state of Pennsylvania.  So those most familiar with him don’t think he is up to the job? Why would I, or most anyone else, want to vote for him with that being the case?