War is NOT the Answer…

Since we seem to be on the verge of yet another long war, this time with Iran,  I thought I would do a short post here from my friends at FCNL. Please tell your senator and congressman that we don’t want to go through another senseless war.

War is not the answer. We are the answer. All of us. All of us who are weary of turmoil and conflict… who seek a world free of war and the threat of war… who seek a society with equity and justice for all…who seek a community where every person’s potential may be fulfilled… who seek an earth restored.

These words are from Friends Committee on National Legislation.

See them at http://www.FCNL.org

2 thoughts on “War is NOT the Answer…

  1. I have seen too many wars in my lifetime and they all end up with having served no long term, or much of even a short-term, difference. To think of all the young lives we waste each generation….
    War is not the answer.


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