My Dirty Little Secret…

Psst…. I want to let you in on my dirty little secret. Don’t tell any of my Republican friends but sometimes I agree with what they say! I don’t often say it but I will whisper it here. Although I am a social progressive down to my soul I am also a fiscal conservative. I think we should all live within our means and that certainly includes our federal institutions.

Source:¬†Federal Workers Face ‚ÄėUnprecedented Assault‚Äô in U.S. Budget War – Businessweek.

‚ÄúPeople who are government servants, public servants, should not be paid more than the taxpayers who are paying for it,‚ÄĚ Romney said during a Jan. 8 candidate debate….

There may be little sympathy for federal workers among the general public, where pensions with set benefits have become scarce and U.S. unemployment hovers at 8.3 percent. Studies of government salaries show benefits outpace the private sector.

So those working in the public sector make more money and have significantly better benefits than their private sector equivalents. It has also been shown that salaried workers in the private sector work an average of 10% more hours without pay than government employees.  I know federal workers get many times more holidays off with pay than the rest of us. Call me what you want but I believe that if the private sector is suffering then so too should the public sector.  Our taxes should not be used to enhance federal or State workers when everyone else is suffering.

Being a fiscal conservative means I believe that our representatives in government should be diligent watchdogs over the money we send them.

  • They should not be using it for their own benefits when the rest of us are suffering.
  • They should not be spending my hard-earned dollars on million dollar bombs when its citizens are suffering.
  • They should not be able to buy future benefits for pennies on the dollar that are almost impossible to pay down the road.
  • They should not be giving huge tax breaks to those who already have so much.
  • Just because we declare holidays in recognition of exceptional people does not mean that they must take the days off work while the rest of us are working.
  • They should spend our tax dollars as if it were coming out of their own pockets.
  • When there are only so many dollars available it should be spent on enhancing our lives, not killing our current-day enemies.
  • When there are only so many dollars available it should be spent on helping secure prosperity for all, not just a¬†privileged¬†few who already have too much.
  • When there are only so many dollars available it should not be given to corporations who already have massive profits.

It seems that too many in the public sector think that there is an endless stream of¬†resources¬†available to them. Being a social progressive I am also a firm believer in the old saying from the Bible that “for those who much has been given, much should be expected”. Don’t tax the rich as a lower rate than the rest of us. ¬†That is not only wrong it is immoral.

One thought on “My Dirty Little Secret…

  1. I remember way back in our distant past, when folks supported an idea rather than a label. Good ideas can come from anyone. But, in today’s toxic environment, a cure for cancer that comes from the “wrong” side of the aisle would be rejected as either a liberal or conservative plot.

    I’m afraid our society no longer cares about a good idea, just the source of the idea before judgment can be passed on it’s validity.


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