War and Peace….

‎[War] won’t stop till there is as much brains and scientific study put to aid peace as there is to promote war. – May 31, 1928  Will Rogers

Here we are one world war and dozens of other wars later and still we can’t understand what Will was saying almost one hundred years ago.  Except for a brief period during the Clinton years we have been in constant wars throughout my sixty-some years on this earth. Our soldiers are getting way beyond weary as evidenced by the recent massacre in Afghanistan by a four tour American soldier. Our national debt is increasing beyond imaginations to pay to keep all our wars going. And now we seem to be adding insanity on top of insanity by wanted to go to war with yet another country in the Middle East!

Most of our reasons for these most recent wars stems from our needs for oil. Why can’t we move beyond the one hundred plus year old gasoline engine to something that doesn’t require our young people’s lives to maintain it.

This greatly saddens me.  I need to lighten up some so this dark world doesn’t drag me down. Enough said…


  1. Until we stop believing God wants us to make the whole world just like us (consumer-driven, oil-obsessed, earth-warming folks,), we will continue to try to force our idea of happiness on others. What is really terrifying is we seem willing to sacrifice our own well-being while we attempt to change the world to the image we still hold of the people we used to be.


    1. Maybe one reason we can’t seem to learn is that we have never had a resounding defeat like Japan and Germany. We have either been victorious, or in cases like the endless wars in Vietnam, Iraq, and now Afghanistan the results were “inconclusive”. Our govenment or “we” may need to learn the hard way, much like a reckless child. I dread that day.


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