Into The Looking Glass – 1980 – 2000

This is a personal perspective of the years between 1980 and 2000. This post is not meant to provide you with a high-level view of the world during this period. Instead, it is from the viewpoint of the 34-year-old to a 54 year-old with some pretty significant Aspie traits, although I didn‚Äôt know it had that name. The years between 1980 and 2000 were pretty … Continue reading Into The Looking Glass – 1980 – 2000

Looking Back Sunday – Politics & Religion

As will be the ongoing practice here, I am looking back five years to the week and comparing what I wrote then to what I see and feel now. Here is the current edition: What is surprising about this post is how these two in intolerances have merged! The politics of our current times has gotten down right hideous and at least one version of … Continue reading Looking Back Sunday – Politics & Religion

Why Unconditional Support??

Something that has always been unfathomable to me is the U.S. unconditional support of the state of Israel. Why do we continue to throw billions of dollars of our borrowed resources into that country year after year when in reality they almost never heed any of our advice. A two ¬†State solution with the Palestinians is the most obvious workable solution to this decades going … Continue reading Why Unconditional Support??

Pleasant Hill — Revisited (again_

Just outside of Lexington Kentucky is my favorite historical village called “Pleasant Hill Shaker Village”.¬† I simply can’t get enough of that place. Whenever I start feeling tension for whatever reason I think of escaping there for a few days. I think I have been there about a half a dozen times now but have really lost count. Staying in the actual rooms where Shakers … Continue reading Pleasant Hill — Revisited (again_

The New GOP…

For those of you who haven’t visited here much I will state up front that while I am very much a social progressive but I am also a fiscal conservative. I too¬†think as indicated in this editorial cartoon by Jack Ohman “where did the Republican¬†party go?”¬†They once were the party of small government and keeping expenses under control. ¬†During those days I voted Republican about … Continue reading The New GOP…

Stifling Possible Peace Talks…

Israel on Wednesday announced new construction in east Jerusalem – an area the Palestinians demand for their future state – just hours after it freed a group of Palestinian prisoners as part of a deal to set peace talks in motion. The building is seen as an attempt by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to make up for the prisoner release, for which he has been … Continue reading Stifling Possible Peace Talks…

Peace Talks…

What would happen if we spent as much money on seeking peace as we did going to war? ¬†I suspect the cartoon would be much different. It would be a fleet of Maseratis on the Autobahn instead of what you see above. I don’t know if peace would actually happen even with this reversal but wouldn’t it be interesting to find out? Maybe we could … Continue reading Peace Talks…

Peace Requires Strength and Conviction….

Source: ¬†Three Queries on Peace – QuakerQuaker. The author of the post above is David Madden. Please click the source above to see the entire post. ¬†There are not many words in the source post (I will likely exceed his word count in just talking about it) ¬†but they do inspire me. As is obvious from the link David is a Quaker and this article … Continue reading Peace Requires Strength and Conviction….

Deficit Fighters

I see where the Republicans in the House have only managed to eliminate half the ‚Äúearmarks‚ÄĚ in the current budget. I guess some things are just too sacred. Most of the remaining ‚Äúpork‚ÄĚ is associated with military projects. If the Republicans are serious about reducing the deficits, and I hope they are, they must come to understand: The U.S. represents 4% of the world‚Äôs population … Continue reading Deficit Fighters

You are WRONG!!!

Many if not most Christian evangelical denominations insist that they are the only ones who 100% understand the nature of God.¬† They each believe everyone else is wrong to one degree or another. There sometimes seems to be more arguing with fellow Christians among themselves than there is any sharing of the Word with those outside their current brand of beliefs. In that regard it … Continue reading You are WRONG!!!

If we are a nation devoted to peace, why are so many of our resources devoted to war and militarism?

We spend 40 time more per citizen on our military than any other nation and hundreds of times more than most other nations. ¬†How can we say we are devoted to peace with this gross disparity?? Something just doesn’t seem right here? Where are all the peacemakers? Title quote from American Friends Service Committee Continue reading If we are a nation devoted to peace, why are so many of our resources devoted to war and militarism?

One Minute for Peace…..

If Only we in¬†the¬†U.S. spent even a¬†minuscule¬†amount of ¬†what we spend for our wars to promote peace… I want to direct you to a website promoting peace instead of war.¬† from the American Friends Service Committee. As the site states in the previous year the United States has spent over $1 trillion of military spending. That comes out to almost $2,000,000 every minute! It … Continue reading One Minute for Peace‚Ķ..

War is not the answer for ANY question….

  I recently read an article that proudly made the point that the U.S. military is the largest minority employer in the country. It went on to argue that if our military complex were proportioned like the rest of the world there would be many more people without jobs. The United States which makes up four percent of the world’s population maintains over 60% of … Continue reading War is not the answer for ANY question‚Ķ.