No Good Horse Traders…..

All there is to politics is trading. That’s why politics is not as good as it was years ago. They don’t have as many old-time horse traders in there. These we got are just amateurs. They’re crude with their trades. There is really no “finesse.” You might not get that. “Finesse” is a French word and it means sneaking it over. — Will Rogers

Maybe Will, as usual is on to something here. Maybe our problems with politics today is that all the current office holders are just amateurs at horse trading.  An alternative way I might mention on this problem is that the current office holders just never learned to “play well with others”.

Maybe some scientific study group can go back into all these yahoos kindergarten report cards to see if this is a common occurrence. If this proves to be true, and I suspect it will, then maybe we need to demand that all future political candidates provide  us with copies of the kindergarten report cards.  Maybe with that info we can cut the polluted political environment at its roots.

Another possibility is to go to Will’s assumption and require all future political candidates to have a certificate of auctioneering as part of their resume.

At any rate we need to get rid of all these amateurs that are now in office and get some properly trained folks in there.

But what do I know….. 😉