Houses passes bill easing rules regulating Wall Street

Republican proponents insisted the new legislation would reduce the regulatory burden on small businesses and spur creation of new jobs. SOURCE:  Houses passes bill easing rules regulating Wall Street – Yahoo News. I think every one of those GOPers… Read More

An LOL Moment… :)

In a speech on the Senate floor Wednesday morning, the newly elected majority leader suggested that the growing signs of an economic recovery — 5 percent GDP growth, 320,000 additional jobs in November, all-time highs in the markets… Read More

The Less You Know….

“I am kind of like a politician. The less I know about anything, the more I can say about it.” – Will Rogers, 12 June 1928 I’m kind of like a politician myself Will. One of my favorite… Read More

ISOA (17)

Learn Here…

Boston MA –  MIT We visited MIT in 2003. It does not have the charm of its neighbor Harvard but I kind of think it produces a better brand of graduates. MIT – Scientist, Engineers, Innovators… Harvard –… Read More

Ain’t That The Truth….

“Party Politics is the most narrow minded occupation in the World.” – Will Rogers, 29 March 1925 It is sad to say that this is probably more true today than even in Will’s Day.  But then again the… Read More

Kind of Scary….

“If lawmakers were elected for life I believe they would do better. A man’s thoughts are naturally on his next term, more than on his country.” – Will Rogers, 8 June 1924 I don’t know about this one… Read More

Vehicles Of The Future….

We are generally very poor at predicting the future. Congressman Ryan who is a radical right conservative in the House of Representative recently proudly put out a ten year government budget that he proclaims will starve us from… Read More


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