And The Ranting Goes On….

Source: NYT: NRA gathers amid storm over gun laws – US news – The New York Times –

Simply put gang, when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns. You will NEVER take mine. I am NOT the enemy. I stand WITH the police and have NEVER discharged my weapons. BUT if someone comes to harm me, wife or my doggie, that is a different story. The second amendment exists for a very specific reason. The Obammy admin is not only trying to destroy the second amendment but the US Constitution in total. He is a dangerous Marxist. Read your history of his family gang. Sorry libs but those are the facts.

The above quote is not actually from the cited article but is instead one of the many comments that followed it. Yes, I actually did go below the bottom of the article to look at the comments. I was hoping to see maybe a few that were meant to generate some meaningful dialog. Of course my hope was dashed at usual.

Here is a typical radical right commenter who manages to get in a racial slur of our president and of course says that he is intent of bringing down the constitution.  He says these are the facts but in reality they are facts only in the minds of the totally demented (ha).

Moving on to the general topic of the source article the NRA, like a typical radical right organization, is using fear as their primary tool in their battle against anyone who disagrees with them.   I recently saw an interview of a British correspondent who attended the NRA convention where Mr. Romney spoke. He, like most British, is totally dumbfounded by the fixation with guns in this country. Britain has one of the lowest murder rates of any nation and of course also has the lowest private gun ownership so I can understand his confusion with this fixation.

But the most interesting thing of this interview was his statement that almost every one of the attendees at the convention were “old white men”. He saw almost no people of color among the crowd. Correspondingly he speculated that maybe these folks were not so much into guns as they were actually just afraid of the coming demographic make-up of the country.  It will soon be that the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant will be a minority in this country and that terribly troubles many of these folks. They are used to having almost absolute power and losing it strikes terror in their hearts. They are lashing out against this inevitability. I can certainly see this interviewees’ view as a possibility.

Of course, most NRA members are also radical right Republicans who I imagine also see their party and its beliefs under attack. At a most basic level I can understand their fear of the future. They feel threatened and rightly or wrongly will vehemently strike out at those who they see as the enemy and they see enemies all around them. These types of battles remind me of the racist southern views I saw during the civil rights era of the 1960’s  The typical white southerner saw his world being turned upside down and like today did almost anything to prevent it.  The hatred shown in the quoted area above is somewhat typical of many and show this to be somewhat true.

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