Another Proof of Partisanship…..

Source: On renewal of Violence Against Women Act, Senate Democrats have upper hand –

After passing the Senate unanimously in years past, the Violence Against Women Act, with revisions, faces strong partisan opposition. Still, Republicans don’t want to be tagged as waging a ‘war on women.’

As the quote says this bill has been unanimously approved in past years, so what happened this time?  The thing to notice is what I underlined and that is “with revisions”. The Democrat leadership wants us to believe that it is just the Republicans being against everything. But reading further into the article you see that the Democratic leadership has added amendments around homosexuals and illegal immigrants to this version of the bill which they know the Republicans will rail against. Why would they do that if it threatened the good and agreeable parts that both sides of the aisle have agreed on in the past?

Of course the answer to that is the Democrat leaders are trying to convince the public that the opponents of the bill are anti-woman.  To me this is a blaring example of the leadership gone bad this time in the Democratic party but all to often it is the Republican party.  What both sides can agree on gets twisted around and is lost due to trying to make your opponents look bad. I am becoming more and more convinced that the answer to this gridlock is not necessarily eliminating one of the parties but to eliminate the leadership in both. Getting rid of the leaders would send a clear message to future ones that we want you guys and gals to play well together. If you don’t lead in that direction then you too are out the door.

This strategy could be accomplished without a wholesale change of representative.  Pulling just eight members out would probably do the trick (four in the Senate and four in the House). But, the problem is how do we even do that? How do we convince the States who elected these leaders to sacrifice them for the greater good.  A person who could manage to work this strategy to completion might be the hero of the day we drastically need.  Right now those guys, which of course includes one gal,  in the leadership are doing things simply to spite their opposition. How sad is that???

One thought on “Another Proof of Partisanship…..

  • I think the problems in Washington can be boiled down to one thing. Politicians primary focus is to be re-elected. Democrat or Republican, their actions, inactions, and rhetoric are all geared to that end. That is why Social Security, Medicare, taxes, etc…are not fixed. They will not take actions that might offend their voters or displease their financial supporters.
    Wasn’t there a time when our leaders came to Congress for a short time, did the work of the people, then went home again? They had real jobs before and after their term. I don’t buy that they have to be in office for decades to “learn” the job. That’s just more smoke and mirrors,
    It will take a greater mind than mine to change this mess, that’s for sure:).


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