Being a Writer….

You can’t stop a person if he gets it in his head he can write. – June 11, 1933  Will Rogers

You got me pegged Will! Although I am not an “official” published author in the old sense of the word I do have it in my head that I can write. My teachers over the years, both in high school and college, told me I could write. I certainly enjoy putting the virtual pen to paper as they say. Now that I am older I have more experiences to use as sources so I think maybe I have more depth than I did in my college years.

I got an engineering degree from my alma mater Purdue more than forty years ago. That degree put a serious dent in my literary capabilities as I was taught to always write in the third person. “this was done…. it was envisioned…” You get the idea. It took me a number of years to finally get out of that habit and start writing as an actual person. 🙂

In my retirement years, which spans almost twelve years now, I have honed by literary skills through a number of paths. So I am not to be stopped as you say Will as I have it in my head that I can write.

But what do I know….

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