Growing Up…

The trick is to grow up without growing old. — Casey Stengel

Growing old does not insure that we are grown up. I seem to still be looking for the day when I feel like a full-blown grown-up ūüėČ But then again I think that is not entirely a bad thing. When we are young and not even beginning to grow up we are probably the most open to new and¬†adventurous¬†things. We actually seek them out and get bored if we can’t find them. I think we all have to maintain some of that no matter how old we are. That may actually be the secret of growing up!!

So, in some ways Casey is right and in some ways he might not get it.  We all need to grow up and fully accept responsibility for our actions and to make a few less mistakes than we made the year before. But we should never grow up enough to outlive some our child-like views about change.  Learning the balance between the two is the secret.

Author Info:

Casey Stengel was a baseball player in the early 1900’s and had a fifty year career. I was never much into baseball even as a kid but I’m sure there are those of you who know him well.