God, I think you kinda messed up….

Hi God, I know I talk to you often but usually not in so public a sphere. But I think I need to let others know about this.  God, I think you kinda messed up!   I know I am just a little guy that is occupying a very small space on this earth for a very short period of time. I know you are infinitely, and I mean infinitely, smarter than I am but I got to come right out and ask you why you gave us men so much testosterone?  It just seems to be the root of so much of our problems on earth.

Scientists tell us that testosterone is the reason that we constantly beat our chests and have to prove how tough and macho we are. It is the reason why we get so much enjoyment out of watching one person beat the tar out of another person in many of our sports. It just seems to drive so much of our lives especially when we are teenagers. We think with the organ below our waists more than the one above our shoulders during those years.  If we only had a little less testosterone then maybe we could just get along with each other a little more? Since we are oozing the stuff we are constantly trying to prove that we are the pack leaders of the world and everyone else is wrong about anything that we don’t agree with.  It seems we gallop into a war to take out the “bad guys” instead of using our brains to find another solution to a problem.

I’m not fully on board with all the current views of evolution but I kind of understand that if we were once cavemen we needed an abundant supply of testosterone to keep us alive. But isn’t evolution about adapting to a changing world? If that is really the case then why haven’t we lost some of our testosterone in at least the last few millennia? Why do we still have some much of this stuff that gets us in so much trouble?

I’m going to end my prayer here.  Thanks for listening and if you can work it out try to solve this biology problem for us. It sure would make it easier to live peacefully in this world and to love one another as you commanded us to do…..

2 thoughts on “God, I think you kinda messed up….

  1. Maybe God understands that we are killing off each other so often the urge to reproduce is the only thing standing between us and extinction.Then again, with less testosterone would that be a problem?

    While I’m waiting for an answer I think I’ll go outside and do something manly…fix the sprinklers.


    1. You might be on to something here Bob. But isn’t that kind of like a chicken/egg type thing?
      I hope you got your sprinklers fixed. If not man up and throw them as far as you can and do a little cursing in the process 😉


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