Women try no-makeup experiment

Source: Naked face project: Women try no-makeup experiment – USATODAY.com.

For nearly 60 days, two women from Charlotte, N.C., have been doing something that many women say they could never do: leave the house without makeup

Given all the marketing that is targeted for women to paint their faces it is somewhat brave for these women to leave their homes without makeup on. Call me a yokel or whatever you want but I much prefer the natural beauty of women and believe that painting their faces is more distracting than anything else. I just can’t understand why women think they need to makeup? I have often heard that women wear make-up and such for other women.  I don’t know; I know they are not doing it for men like me.

I have always believed that women should have more say so in our society. They should be at the top level or more organizations.  I think the ideal department of defense secretary would be a woman. Women just seem to have more common sense and compassion than most men.  In this regard I believe they are hurting themselves more than helping their cause when they paint their faces. Another fad pushed on them by the marketing folks is to now wear six inch heels! It seems that everywhere you look on TV lately you will see women on their six inch stilts. Besides causing many bunion troubles later in life I can’t understand why anyone would wear such unnatural things.

To me a woman who lets her natural beauty show through is much more appealing. Why do women seem to just get in line for so many of these marketing fads?

But what do I know…..

2 thoughts on “Women try no-makeup experiment

  1. As in most things moderation is the key. We like to look nice, but from an early age we are lured by the marketing of excess and extremes. Maybe some day we will wake up and realize we were suckers for falling for it. As I’ve mentioned before, I worked in an elementary school for years and in the last few years I could see some – not too many but some – of these little girls sporting lipstick, colored hair, fancy nails, etc….It starts so young and never ends. I wish parents would let the kids be kids not mini adults.


    1. I know this is not a new thing. It has been going on for many decades. And I won’t put all the “falling for the marketing schemes” on women. Men are just as guilty but in different areas. It seems they have convinced both sexes now that you MUST bleach your teeth! I can’t imagine what they will come up with next but like most of this stuff I will be watching from the sidelines…


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