Inspiring Words…

Here it is Sunday again. On this day I try to give you a post about something or someone who inspires me.  For today I have chosen a quote from Albert Einstein. I will not even bother to tell you who he is as I’m pretty sure you all know.

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is to not stop questioning.  – Albert Einstein

Of course Einstein was a brilliant scientist but he was also a brilliant and inspiring thinker. His words above should be how all of us approach life.

Learn from yesterday — If we don’t learn from our experiences, especially our mistakes, then as someone else said you are bound to repeat them. Sometimes over and over again. 🙂 Einstein certainly didn’t always get it right the first time; he learned from his mistakes. The same is true for me, and I expect most of you. I became pretty proficient in designing and writing software apps in my professional life but that didn’t occur overnight. It only occurred after learning from previous stumbling attempts.

Live for today — The trouble with many is that they continue to live in the past. I have a friend who was traumatized by his experiences in the Vietnam war forty years ago. He lives that war on a daily basis. He always wears his jacket lined with medals and things from the war. He just never managed to leave the war behind him. The trouble with others is that they are always thinking and planning for the future so the present just slips by them. The only thing that is real is today. Everything else is just thoughts or dreams.

Hope for tomorrow —  This one I a struggle with. I seem to frequently get into a dark mood about how things are going. I can’t see any silver linings in tomorrow. I am certainly not alone is these types of feeling. Mark Twain was one famous person who became very cynical in his later years. He just could not see anything good about tomorrow. His writing in the last ten years of his life was very depressing to read.  We must always have “hope for tomorrow”. I am now constantly on the look-out for examples where tomorrow might be brighter than today.

Not stop questioning — To me this is probably the most important part of this inspiring quote. To question things is the only way to make them better. If questions are stifled then creativity is trampled and the truth is often untold. I can proudly say that I have never stopped questioning; that sometimes gets me in trouble especially with those who panic about change as answers to questions often result in change. For me to be without questions is to be without life. How do you like that one for a quote?? 🙂

Thanks Albert for giving me such valuable guidance for my life…

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