I Got A Tattoo…..

I got a tattoo recently. It is a really neat one of the 1960s style peace logo. I have always wanted a tattoo. I’m surprised I waited as long as I have. But this one I just couldn’t resist. I know some people look down on tattoos and can’t understand why anyone would get one. Others will think it is foolish for a sixty-five year old to be getting a tattoo but I really don’t care. Maybe I was an old fuddy-duddy like that once but not anymore. This tattoo I really like.

Oh, I think I left out one small detail here and that is the tattoo I got is for the new car  I will soon be getting 😉  Some of you would probably call it a bumper sticker but I like the new term of car tattoo. I never had a mid-life crisis so maybe getting an orange Chevy Sonic is my “late-life crisis”. I decided I wanted something that I really didn’t absolutely have to have but wanted it just for the fun of it and I have decided to decorate it with some pretty outrageous things, at least for me.

I had never heard of a car tattoo before I started looking into them recently.  They come in a wide variety of names including probably the most popular one called a car wrap. My first tattoo isn’t large; it is only about four inches in diameter but I know exactly where it will be placed. I am on the lookout for more tattoos that can be applied in the future but haven’t settled on any except for this one. Whatever I choose must be “just right”.

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