Get Rid of It!!!

It was 1965 when Medicare was enacted. I was just entering college so I still have some vivid memories of what went on around it.  I remember the conservatives in congress were saying such things as:

We’ve got to repeal this law, it is bad for the country.
Its Socialism.
It takes away choice.
It will bankrupt the country

And the most typical comment that also goes with increasing the minimum wage

Businesses will fail because of this law.

Now almost a half a century later the same thing is being said about the Affordable Care Act that recently got a pass from the Supreme Court. For some reason they want to take the meager advances given to lower-income folks in this, like many other areas, away from them.  Maybe if they put out a comprehensive plan of their own their “get rid of it all” rants might get some traction. Without that they just seem to be against helping others less fortunate than they are, and that is almost everybody.

They seem to say that everything is fine the way it is in healthcare. They also seem to say if we got those 30+ million people any form of healthcare they would overwhelm our system. While that was true to an extent when Mitt Romney instituted universal healthcare in his State it looks like that is working its way out. I can remember pre-candidate Governor Romney bragging that his model of healthcare should be implemented across the country. When did it become so bad even for him??

It’s ironic that the conservatives in congress over the years have been against what most of us consider  many of our biggest successes. First it was Social Security in the 1930s, then civil rights in the 1950s and 60s, Medicare in 1965, and of course every time that we raised the minimum wage almost always in democrat administrations. They seems to be on the wrong side of so much I can’t understand why they have lasted as a viable party as long as they have?

I know those guys in congress are anti-socialism to their core and anything that has even a slight smell of socialism brings up their ire and their “get rid of it” mantra.  They need to get over that 😉 We are first a diversified nation but our second biggest success is that we in the past have also be a pragmatic nation. We find out what works and then go about implementing it. We seem to have lost that ability in the last couple of decades. We desperately need to get that back.

But what do I know…

4 thoughts on “Get Rid of It!!!

  1. You need to read “The Debt Bomb” to get perspective on some of these issues :>)
    PS- I am unsure of your lumping of “conservatives”. My father was EXTREMELY conservative- yet was one of the first to hire people of other races into his shop at equal wage. I think ignorant and conservative are two different people. He believed strongly that a hand up was far better than a hand out. Hey, that is the Peace Corps motto—isn’t it?


  2. Hi Janette, My mother was also extremely conservative and it looks like pretty much opposite of your father; she was Archie Bunker personified. I was careful in this post to always say the ‘conservatives in congress’ instead of just conservatives in general. I think the major problem with those in congress are their leaders. I was a conservative until Reagan; he turned me into a progressive 🙂

    I don’t know about the peace core but that is the motto of the homeless shelter/soup kitchen where I spend so many hours volunteering. But sometimes people do just need a hand out to them.


  3. Amen…it is very easy to be “against” something. Fear makes people do foolish things. It is those that are willing to act and make some mistakes along the way that make a difference. Isn’t that what our Congress should be all about…making a difference in a positive way? (Dreamer that I am!)



  4. Yeah, I’m a dreamer too. If only we could figure a way to get back to something resembling sanity in our elected officials…


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