The Best Doctor In The World…

‚ÄúBest doctor in the world is a veterinarian. He can‚Äôt ask his patients what‚Äôs the matter. He‚Äôs just got to know.‚ÄĚ – Will Rogers This quote from Will came to mind recently while my wife was going to doctors trying to determine the cause of her recent ailments. In the last couple of months, she has had three emergency room visits, two of them by … Continue reading The Best Doctor In The World…

The Thing About Socialism..

Socialized medicine seems to be dirty words for many of my RedAmerica friends. To them, it and communism are one and the same thing. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Since there seems to be nothing in this world that isn’t a simple black or white to them, I’m not sure they will ever accept any other definition but that doesn’t stop me from … Continue reading The Thing About Socialism..

Medicare For All… It Just Makes Sense

Medicare is a system that has been in place for 50+ years. Its approval rating is well above any competition and it keeps the costs of healthcare down. Paperwork which drowns the private sector insurance is very well managed to less than half in Medicare. So, why should we be experimenting with other often radical solutions to our healthcare network in the U.S.?¬† I will … Continue reading Medicare For All… It Just Makes Sense

My Personal Experience with Brain Trauma – Part 3

Before the surgery, I really had no idea who Dr. P was or what he looked like. (I am not using his full name here as I don‚Äôt have permission from him and don‚Äôt want to intrude on his privacy). Looking at him when he delivered the good post-surgery news I discovered he was a sixty-year-old or so guy with white hair and a neatly … Continue reading My Personal Experience with Brain Trauma – Part 3

Personal Experience with Brain Trauma – Part 2 Off To The Operating Room

In the last post, I left off just before my consult with a brain surgeon. When the ER doctor told me I had a chronic brain bleed because of my fall that scared me more than I have been in a long time.  When the surgeon told me he needed to go in and fix it and to relieve the pressure, my life didn‚Äôt flash … Continue reading Personal Experience with Brain Trauma – Part 2 Off To The Operating Room

People of Faith For Resistance..

There seems to be many opportunities cropping up on this first day of a new administration for resistance to draconian change they intend for¬†our democracy in the upcoming years. I am particularly happy to see Christians in this mode. No, not all Christians are among the 81% of Evangelicals who pushed the current administration in office. ¬†In reality they are a small percentage of that … Continue reading People of Faith For Resistance..

Why Are We Crippling Obamacare with Private Insurance Companies When Medicare Can Do The Job??

A threat by the nation‚Äôs largest health insurer to pull out of ObamaCare is a sign of the industry‚Äôs growing angst about the viability of the federal exchanges, sources close to the industry say. UnitedHealthcare‚Äôs warning sent new shockwaves across the healthcare sector after weeks of mounting anxiety among private insurers whose participation in the exchanges is critical to the viability of the president‚Äôs signature … Continue reading Why Are We Crippling Obamacare with Private Insurance Companies When Medicare Can Do The Job??

VA Hospital Problems….

Shinseki reiterated other steps he’s taken, including putting the leadership at the Phoenix facility on leave and ordering a “nationwide audit of all other major VA health care facilities to ensure understanding of, and compliance with, our appointment policy.” Some question whether removing Shinseki would address the core problems at the VA or simply serve as a distraction for now.”Is him resigning going to get … Continue reading VA Hospital Problems….

Back Door Universal Healthcare…

Anyone who has read some of my posts know that I am an advocate for universal single-payer healthcare. ¬†After all, it is very efficient and cost containing system used in much of the rest of the world. ¬†Many of our citizens in the U.S. including this one are currently on a single payer system known as Medicare. After being on it for two years now … Continue reading Back Door Universal Healthcare…

LOL Moment….

Just a quick note to say I just watched a video of a town hall meeting opposing Obamacare. There was an elderly lady who ranted on and on about it. She was totally convinced that if we allow it to be implemented that it would certainly cause the downfall of the entire country. ¬†She finished with the following statement. “I realize that Obamacare does not … Continue reading LOL Moment….

Why Our Health Care Lets Prices Run Wild…

A central reason U.S. health care spending is so high is because hospitals and doctors charge more for their services and there‚Äôs little transparency¬†about why. There is no uniformity to the system, in which public and private insurers have separate, unrelated contracts with hospitals and doctors. The result is a tangled, confusing and largely secretive collection of forces driving health care prices higher and higher. … Continue reading Why Our Health Care Lets Prices Run Wild…

Hospital Billing Varies Wildly….

A hospital in Livingston, N.J., charged $70,712 on average to implant a pacemaker, while a hospital in nearby Rahway, N.J., charged $101,945.In Saint Augustine, Fla., one hospital typically billed nearly $40,000 to remove a gallbladder using minimally invasive surgery, while one in Orange Park, Fla., charged $91,000. In one hospital in Dallas, the average bill for treating simple pneumonia was $14,610, while another there charged … Continue reading Hospital Billing Varies Wildly….

Paul Ryan’s new Medicare plan…

  Source:¬†Paul Ran’s new Medicare plan could be tip of the iceberg (+video) – A parallel factor is rising income. As a society grows richer, it tends to spend more of its income on health care. Add in demographics (an aging population) and a lack of competition among health-care providers in many markets, and you have a recipe for more people to consume more … Continue reading Paul Ryan’s new Medicare plan…

Being Denied Coverage….

  Source:¬†Top six myths about Medicare | Reuters. MYTH FOUR: DOCTORS WILL NOT ACCEPT MEDICARE BECAUSE OF ALL THESE CUTS Facts: Most Medicare patients do not have trouble finding doctors who will see them, but there is growing concern about access to primary care physicians. This issue is monitored closely by the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC), an independent Congressional agency charged with advising Congress … Continue reading Being Denied Coverage….

Living As Cheaply As The People……

What the government has got to do is live as cheap as the people. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† 21 December 1932 ¬†Will Rogers Speaking about money not being wisely spent this morning got me to thinking about Will’s quote above. If you have read much on this blog you will know that I am a proud social progressive but also a fiscal conservative. In … Continue reading Living As Cheaply As The People……

Mr. 3.75 Percent

Source:¬†Mr. 3.75 Percent – By Daniel Altman | Foreign Policy. One political leader who likes to plan for the really long term is Paul Ryan, the Republican nominee for U.S. vice president. By 2050, Ryan’s budget plan would reduce federal spending outside health-care programs and Social Security to 3.75 percent of GDP, down from 12.5 percent last year, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. … Continue reading Mr. 3.75 Percent

I Guess I Am One Of Them…. Or Maybe Two Of Them….

Source:¬†Mitt Romney video fact check: Is 47 percent of US ‘dependent’ on government? – That is one of the questions that has been raised after Mother Jones magazine on Tuesday released a video of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney speaking to donors at a $50,000-a-plate fundraiser May 17. ‚ÄúThere are 47 percent who are with him [President Obama], who are dependent upon government, who … Continue reading I Guess I Am One Of Them…. Or Maybe Two Of Them….

As Cheap As The People….

What the government has got to do is live as cheap as the people. ‚Äď December 21, 1933 ¬† ¬†Will Rogers ¬†I have often on this blog mentioned that I am a proud social-progressive but I probably don’t as often proclaim that I am a fiscal conservative. For that reason this post as a general rule rings very true to me. ¬†Our government should learn … Continue reading As Cheap As The People….

Is the Republican Party Insuring Its Own Demise??

Is the Republican Party insuring its own demise by it continuing to focus on a narrower and narrower core group. ¬†I want to believe this is the case as the alternative is that we as a country are now dominated by exclusion. ¬†Being against things, particularly different groups of people, is what has been driving the Republican primaries lately. It has pushed their final candidate … Continue reading Is the Republican Party Insuring Its Own Demise??

If It's So Great Then…..

A couple of posts ago was about the so-called Republican plan to change Social Security. It is championed by Congressman Ryan. ¬†As I mentioned in that previous post this new social security is supposed to empower seniors to get the best plan available but they limit the choices to private insurance companies. I personally have had enough dealings with those for-profit insurance guys to know … Continue reading If It's So Great Then…..

Republicans and Their Deficits….

With all the Republicans around today chanting the fiscal spending mantra you would think that must be part of their very core. I am just a simple fellow but I have been around long enough to know that their new found fiscal religion is just that, new found. I know how all those Washington types love their graphs so I though I would, as usual, … Continue reading Republicans and Their Deficits….