On-The-Road Colorado Day 2

We spent the last two days eating up blacktop. Traveled about 1200 miles and we are now in Pueblo Colorado.  We don’t usually like to travel via interstates but since we decided to get here as fast as possible that was the only way to do it.  I mentioned before that I have a new car for the first time in twenty years.  It is an American made Chevy Sonic, which is a new sub-compact for 2012. It proudly gave us very good mileage of around thirty-five miles per gallon for the trip so far.

Since the trip here was almost all driving there isn’t much to report. One thing that totally surprised me was the wind farm we came across just west of Salina Kansas. There must be at least one thousand turbines on the entire farm. I wish other States were as enthusiastic about green technology as Kansas seems to be. During our trip across Kansas, which took pretty much the entire day today we did go across the Republican river. It was totally dry. About the same as the ones in congress 🙂

Tomorrow we head into the Rockies toward Mesa Verde which is our destination. It should take about six hours to get there from here. Since it is above 8200 feet I am hoping it is a little cooler. We will be staying at the nation park lodge for five days of peace.  I am hoping that it at least takes the edge off some of my political nerves.

2 thoughts on “On-The-Road Colorado Day 2

  1. Oh darn… We stayed Friday night in Topeka! So I guess you see the wind farm on a regular basis. It total impressed me. I have seen them in several other states but not nearly as many. Oregon for the lack of wind farms is at the other end of the spectrum. If only more people would take going green more seriously we could put a severe dent in Middle Eastern oil and maybe slow down global warming. I think we have all had enough with global warming now 🙂

    I think we are coming back through Oklahoma so will miss seeing you. Opportunities lost (sigh)….


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