Thinking About Mesa Verde

5star-banner  I have been thinking about Mesa Verde lately; maybe because a picture from it is currently my desktop image. 🙂

It has been five years since my last visit. I think it is time for another one.

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Native Americans

Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

Native Americans were of course the original citizens of America. It is shameful what we did to them to establish our version of America. Mesa Verde is all about Native American ruins from six hundred years ago. The one who helped us understand his heritage was essential to really understanding the spirituality of the place.

Mesa Verde…

Cortez, CO – Native American Ruins

The one place where I feel the most connected to my native American roots is when I am walking through the ruins of Mesa Verde National Park near Cortez Colorado. I can almost feel the inhabitants around me. It is a mystical experience that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime..

My Favorite Vacation Place…

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Mesa Verde 2Yet another picture of my favorite vacation place and that is Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado. You get good exercise hiking to the many ruins and when you get there it has a definite spiritual quality. I enjoy just sitting at the ruins and taking it all in.