Painting with Words – Mesa Verde

I am a dreamer to my core; it is just who I am.That is simultaneously a curse and a blessing.I recognize how things are but imagine them to be better.There is no place better to do that than Mesa VerdeMy first visit there seemed almost spiritual.I could almost see my ancestors living their daily lives.How they got there no one really knows.Why they left is pretty much the same.The stone and adobe walls they built are still there.I touched them and dreamed I was among them.In their isolation they lived in peaceful harmony with nature.But that is kinda the Native … Continue reading Painting with Words – Mesa Verde

On-The-Road Day 11 — Calling It Quits….

Here we are ending day eleven of our trip heading home. The were a few sites I had picked for visits today but my wife just isn’t feeling up to it. She has really not done well this entire trip.  Maybe the elevation along with all her many usual ailments was too much for her. So we called it quits this morning. Maybe a future trip back to Denver to see some of the sites but that is not likely. Since all we will be doing from here out is interstate driving I will end our 0n-the-road reports here with … Continue reading On-The-Road Day 11 — Calling It Quits….

On-The-Road Day 10 Canyonlands National Park

When we left Mesa Verde yesterday we headed northwest into Utah to visit Canyonlands National Park.  Canyonland is a very different place but also much like the Grand Canyon in its majesty. Here are some pictures: Have to have one last picture of Mesa Verde that I took just the evening before we left. It is a sun drenched view of the Cliff Palace. I will dream of that place in the days and years ahead. Here are a couple from the Canyonlands: Today we head north to catch I70 east to Denver. We will be visiting a new museum … Continue reading On-The-Road Day 10 Canyonlands National Park

On-The-Road Day 8 –Thoughts about Mesa Verde

Today is a somewhat leisurely day for us. It is our last day at Mesa Verde so I thought I would give you an evaluation of our time here.   This has been one of my favorite vacations for quite a while. Five days in one spot is a record for me. We are usually in the  different-hotel-a-day mode. Being without a TV for all this time has proved to be a boon. It is amazing how creative I have been while I have been here. Without the TV zombie things come to me frequently and if I hurry and … Continue reading On-The-Road Day 8 –Thoughts about Mesa Verde

On-The_Road Day 7 –Working 9 til 5…

For the last hundred years or more the average person went to work for a given number of hours and then went home to his family. He was paid for his efforts and used that money to provide food and shelter. The number of hours demanded for a day’s work has varied over the years but the idea of working for someone else has remained a constant. We tend to think that this is a normal kind of thing. But for many in history that was really not the case. The ancient ruins here at Mesa Verde got me to … Continue reading On-The_Road Day 7 –Working 9 til 5…

On-The-Road Day 6 — Can’t We Just Get Along…

Being as I recently saw that the person famous for this quote from the L.A. riots died the quote has been on my mind.  It seems that  just getting along is a hard thing to do now days. Politics puts one set of beliefs at war with another set. Each thinks that they are wholly right and the other is at the worst evil.  How does this relate to my visit here to Mesa Verde? I have been reading quite a bit about the people who inhabited these ruins over eight-hundred years ago and it seems that they very much … Continue reading On-The-Road Day 6 — Can’t We Just Get Along…

On-The-Road Day 5 Mesa Verde – Spruce Tree House

No, the Spruce Tree House is not something up in a tree. It is one of the pueblo ruins found here at Mesa Verde. We made the trek down to it this morning about 9:00am shortly after it opened. We were hoping that it would not be so crowded then and that proved right. But within twenty minutes the hordes came 🙂 First here are a few picture I took of it.   This is indeed a mystical place. To walk on the same stones as Native Americans did over eight-hundred years ago. is thought provoking.  As I sat there … Continue reading On-The-Road Day 5 Mesa Verde – Spruce Tree House

On-The-Road Day 4 Mesa Verde

We are now settled down in our lodge room at Mesa Verde National Park. The photo below is looking out our room window. We plan to spend many hours out on our deck admiring it. The room and especially the view is everything I expected it to be. We spend the day at the visitor center and just vegging  out in the room. Tomorrow we will venture to go down to one of the ruins. We are trying the least physical one first and then going from there. It is about 70 degrees right now at early evening going down … Continue reading On-The-Road Day 4 Mesa Verde

Colorado On-The-Road Day 3 Cortez Colorado

Here we are settled in for the night at Cortez Colorado. We check in to the Mesa Verde National Park lodge tomorrow for our five-day R&R and spiritual regeneration. We spent today traversing the Rocky Mountains. It was an interesting trip down mainly two lane roads for over two hundred miles. We crossed the continental divide at Wolf’s Pass. It was 56 degrees there and 87 when we turned off I25 south of Pueblo. That was quite a shock to get out of the car with that temperature change. One of the things we encountered during this leg of the … Continue reading Colorado On-The-Road Day 3 Cortez Colorado

On-The-Road Colorado Day 2

We spent the last two days eating up blacktop. Traveled about 1200 miles and we are now in Pueblo Colorado.  We don’t usually like to travel via interstates but since we decided to get here as fast as possible that was the only way to do it.  I mentioned before that I have a new car for the first time in twenty years.  It is an American made Chevy Sonic, which is a new sub-compact for 2012. It proudly gave us very good mileage of around thirty-five miles per gallon for the trip so far. Since the trip here was … Continue reading On-The-Road Colorado Day 2

On The Road Again…..

Mesa Verde National Park Yes, starting today my wife and I are on the road again. This time we will be traveling by car to the great State of Colorado. The majority of our time will be spent at Mesa Verde National Park so expect many photos in the next few weeks. We will be staying at the park lodge for six days of R&R, casual exploring and photographing nature. Although they don’t, on purpose, provide any television they do have wi-fi in the lodge, but not the rooms, so I can send the daily posts as always. We will … Continue reading On The Road Again…..