On-The-Road Day 5 Mesa Verde – Spruce Tree House

No, the Spruce Tree House is not something up in a tree. It is one of the pueblo ruins found here at Mesa Verde. We made the trek down to it this morning about 9:00am shortly after it opened. We were hoping that it would not be so crowded then and that proved right. But within twenty minutes the hordes came 🙂

First here are a few picture I took of it.


This is indeed a mystical place. To walk on the same stones as Native Americans did over eight-hundred years ago. is thought provoking.  As I sat there looking over these ancient rooms for an instant I forgot about everyone else around me and imagined myself there when these rooms were filled with residents. One of the advantages of being deaf, and I like to remember there “are” some advantages, is that I don’t have to block out the noises of the modern day world. It was only when someone stepped into my view did I snap out of that mystic mood.

Tomorrow we will try our luck at another site. There are about a dozen of them here in the park.  The one we visited today is the easiest one to get to. The one tomorrow will be more difficult but I am resolved to make it there. But, I am having doubts about Yvonne’s doing the same. But we will see.  The emotions are spurting out of me about this place but I will save some of that the rest of the posts this week. I am certainly glad we made this trip again…

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