Emergency NRA Board Meeting…

Here I am heading toward Denver in a few minutes so the most recent gun slaughter is on my mind. I know President Obama will also be heading for Denver. I selfishly hope he doesn’t hold up my travels.  It just amazes me that we in the U.S.  so quickly forget all these types of shootings and there have been so many of them in recent years.  Of course we have many more guns per capita than any other country in the world so it should not be surprising that this occurs on such a frequent basis. We are also the number one exporter of guns.

I’m sure the NRA is gearing up for their usual “Don’t touch my guns” counter-attack from those like me. I will likely be flamed for this but we must find a way to prevent these types of terrorism even if it means limiting those who like to shot guns on the weekend to buying less than 6,000 rounds of deadly ammunitions at a time.  But the ever powerful NRA will never even allow that and any congressman that would even suggest it would find millions of dollars in NRA money against them in the next election! I mourn all those killed and wounded by this yet another gun nut among us and I, as usual, futilely hope we can find a way to keep the next one from so easily getting these weapons of mass destruction. President Bush didn’t need to look to Iraq for WMDs. We have millions of them here.

And no guns don’t save lives I don’t care how many road signs the NRA puts up I will never believe that.  Statistic always show that more gun owners are killed by their own guns than the bad guys they are so fearful of.