Not Only The Next Generation….

via Ron Paul ‘Revolution’ strikes at GOP state parties – First Read.

“Look at the next generation,” Paul said on MSNBC. “I mean, there is so much excitement out there. The big deal is that the next generation are sick and tired of what they’re getting and they’re looking for something.  And what we’re offering seems to appeal to the young people.”

I guess anything would be an improvement over what we have now so I salute the folks who are leading this charge to change the Republican Party. The quote above says that the next generation is sick and tired of what they’re getting, well the same can be said for many of us in the current or past generations as well. We too are sick and tired of how it is now. This is not the way to govern the most powerful nation on earth.

Much of what Ron Paul says is appealing especially in our current environment. He sees little need for government; he thinks it is out of control. I can certainly agree up to a point. The main differences I have with Mr. Paul is that I think our government has a purpose in our lives and that is to do the people’s business.

  • We need someone to keep capitalism in check so that decisions are made with the public good and not just for corporate profits.
  • We need someone to make sure our food and medical supplies are not going to kill us.
  • We need someone to protect our homes and our lives.
  • We need someone to keep our employers from turning us into serfs.
  • We need someone to make sure our kids get an education so that we are able to compete in tomorrow’s world.
  • We need someone to the minority, and all of us are a minority in one regard or another, from the tyranny of the majority.
  • We need someone to work out plans for being  citizens of the world
  • We need someone to assure that the safety net is in place for the “least of these”. This should be Christianity and other religions job but they just don’t seem up to it.

Could we accomplish these things with less of a bureaucracy than we presently have? I’m sure we could. Can we do them so that they are less intrusive in our lives. Sure..

But let’s not throw out the proverbial baby with the bath water. The people’s business needs to be done to make our lives safer and more fruitful…

We need to do something that is totally foreign to us and that is to look for good examples around us. Do other governments do somethings better than us. Could we learn how to manage our healthcare system from our neighbors to the north? They do it much more inexpensively than we do and they cover all of their citizens and statistically they even live longer than we do. Could we do our military in a different way. We could look at those who spend enormously less than we do, and that includes everyone else, to learn some lessons.

We should never be too proud to look to others for good examples of how to do things better. But given our severe and almost paranoid belief in doing it our way I’m afraid we need to get deeper into our hole before that happens.

But what do I know….


  1. I like all those bulleted points, R.J. One way to become better citizens of the world might be to have a foreign policy that is rooted in the present and not the past. Our days of nation building and spreading democracy to parts of the world that don’t want it should be at an end. It’s time to take care of our own nation first and only intervene elsewhere when we are endangered or when we’re asked for help. We don’t need military bases all over the world anymore when many of those countries can defend themselves. What good does spending billions and billions of dollars on fighting wars and trying to change governments in foreign lands if our own country is floundering? Let’s take care of our own citizens and our own borders first. Just to be clear, I don’t mean we should abandon humanitarian aid to others (preferably without political strings). That would be a part of being a good global citizen.

    And yes, we in America seem to have an aversion to adapting anyone else’s ideas when it comes to healthcare, etc. It seems like arrogance to to me. It can’t be good if we didn’t dream it up. Why do we think we have to one-up everyone? Let’s do as you said…examine other successful models and take what works and modify it to our needs…and hopefully keep it as simple as possible. At least we’d be doing something.


  2. Couldn’t agree more Jane. I’m not sure our democracy spreading ever really did any good. Most of the rest of the world saw it as colonialism similar to what the British Empire did before us. When will we ever learn that others might have it more right than we do…. You said it arrogance…


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