15 technologies we’ll still be using in 2030…

source:  15 technologies of today we’ll still be using in 2030 – Gadgetbox on NBCNews.com.

This is a very interesting article about what the author thinks will still be around in 18 years.  It is kind of risky making these types of predictions but since money is not on the line there isn’t much to be lost by the author. For the most part I agree with him but there are some items that I don’t think will make the cut.

But like the author, I remember going to the World’s Fair of 1960 and believing as they showed there that we would be driving levitating cars and working only four hours a day by the beginning of the 21st century. How wrong or maybe naive we were back then.  Of course many advances have been made since 1960. For instance all the computer power in the moon landing spacecrafts would now fit in a $500 iPad. And, of course all those row after row of clerical workers from the 60’s have been replaced by a couple thousand dollars worth of computers. Let’s not forget the factory workers who have been replaced by robots. So, we have made massive progress but just not in the areas we predicted.

I am going to keep these comments short to give you time to read the article. Just click on the source above to go there.