There You Go Again….

via Romney Reframes Donor Remarks to Refocus on Economic Issues – Businessweek.

Massachusetts Republican Senator Scott Brown, who is running for re-election in a close race against Democrat Elizabeth Warren, a former Harvard University professor, told The Hill newspaper: “That’s not the way I view the world. As someone who grew up in tough circumstances, I know that being on public assistance is not a spot that anyone wants to be in.”

While Romney said he was talking about people who don’t pay income taxes, his comments about Americans who feel “entitled” to government help prompted some Republicans to say that they might alienate veterans as well. Richard Armitage, former deputy Secretary of State under Republican President George W. Bush and a former Defense Department official, said the remarks showed “that Mr. Romney doesn’t know what this country looks like, and he has no idea how government works.”

If Mr. Romney stands any chance of winning the presidency he needs to quit coddling the Tea Party folks in his Republican base. He continues to alienate one group after another with his remarks meant to keep his base in line.  In yesterday’s post here he called me a freeloader because I collect Social Security and Medicare. In today’s source he does the same for veterans!

I don’t think Mr. Romney really believes that we seniors or many in the military are leeches but his messages seem to say that. It is getting so bad that now many in his party are also coming out against his statements. Especially those who might be in close elections. They don’t want to go down in flames because of his remarks or reverse coattails. Most of these types of comments come when he is addressing those $50,000 a plate fund-raisers but surely he knows that he can’t keep those messages in the room. They always get out one way or another.

I really don’t think that Mr. Romney is the uncaring person but he is just too embedded in the business mentality of profit at any costs. He seems to forget that the government is primarily in the people business. You can’t turn a profit, or in this case, reduce a deficit by downsizing or outsourcing U.S. citizens as it is typically accomplished lately in his business world.

I do believe that we are for the most part a Christian nation who believes in being our brother’s keeper and giving a helping hand to the “least of these”. I don’t know how the Mormon religion aligns with that philosophy but maybe Mr. Romney needs to bring some of his spiritual compassion into his persona. It might cost him some Tea Party votes but it would show his human side to the rest of us.

But What do I know…..

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