With my ingrained altruist and “Follower of Jesus” worldview I am naturally drawn to and inspired by Sojourners magazine.  This month’s issue is centered about making sure those in impoverished neighborhoods have access to quality education.  I hope some of you will consider subscribing.  No, I am not being paid anything for this endorsement.

3 thoughts on “Sojourners….

  1. Thanks , Rod, I had forgotten all about this magazine since I left Washington , DC. I used to go to a coffee house located on Columbia Road which was also an outreach Christian Church called the potters House. It was the ultimate of reaching out to a poor , immigrant and mixed neighborhood. I attended their mid week service and discussion time as much as I could. You would love it! It is completely like the Sojourners, who are right down the road from the Potters. House. One year I had my photographs on display there back in 1980. Good memories of urban living. Sigh….


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